Brock Elementary Update

9/19/ 2016- 9/23/2016

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A Note From Mrs.Griffith

Hey there!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Last week was an extremely busy one here at Brock Elementary! We had a school board meeting, Book Fair, CIC, Town Hall, Tacos, Tech, and TEKS, Flu Clinic and our first Fly Friday. They all went well and we got a lot accomplished. Below are a few changes to the weekly schedule and reminders of upcoming events. I look forward to a great week! Go Eagles!

  • We have decided to stop doing Monday Morning Announcements since we added Fly Fridays this year. We love the idea of Monday Morning announcements and will make sure the things we want to instill through that time is accomplished on Fridays. In short, students will only report to the gym on Friday mornings from now on. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.
  • Kindergarten students will meet in the cafeteria at 7:40 on Fridays before the assembly. We will have staff up there to take them down as a group at 7:50.
  • Pre-K will meet in their classroom before the assembly and will come down with Mrs.Cates.
  • This Friday we will attend our first High School Pep-Rally to celebrate Homecoming. Students will take a bus with their class to the high school for the event!

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 21- Wear Gold for Respect

Sept. 23rd Homecoming Pep Rally- Deck out in your Brock Gear!

Sept. 23rd Wear Hats for a Dollar- All proceeds go towards St.Jude's Research

Oct. 6th: Movie Night on the Pavilion

Oct. 10th Parent Conferences

Oct. 17-21 School Safety Week/Practice Procedures

Oct. 21st: Pep Rally/ The RANCH

Oct. 24th-28th Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 29th- Fall Festival

Reminders and Info!

  • We are asking that all visitors are out of the building by 7:50. We will make announcement at 7:45 to remind everyone of the time. We are asking parents not to walk their students passed the double doors after the tardy bell. If you are staying to volunteer, we ask that you check in at the office. We are doing this to ensure teachers can start classes promptly and get the school day started.
  • We will be talking to our students this week about expectations during the pledge. We ask for your help in this matter. If you are a visitor in the building, when the pledges begin, please stop and join us. This will help to model respect for our country to our students.
  • The school doors will open daily at 7:15.
  • If you need to pick your child up early from school, please get them by 2:45. This will ensure you do not get stuck in the parking lot.
  • If you need to buckle your child in the pick-up line, please pull into one of the designated parking spots so we can keep the line moving.

Check Out Mrs. Westmoreland's Class using the green Screen to Celebrate Freedom Week!

It's a little blurry but we love the sound of all of our students singing the school song together!

Fly Friday