G2 Expedition

Singapore Zoo, January 14th-15th.

Our Itinerary

Please find the details for this expedition below. We were in the process of postponing or cancelling this visit due to haze. With the blue skies back over Singapore we have now confirmed our dates, apologies for the later than usual notice.

Day 1 - Thursday 14th January

The children will arrive as usual at 8am and report to class with their green backpacks, see the packing list below.

We will depart school at 9am from the HS fountain.

9.45am Arrival and Briefing, "Let’s Break The Ice" activity with the education team.
10.30am Animal habitats - education session in the Education Centre

11.15am Behind-the-Scenes Tour I

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Behind-the-Scenes Tour II
3.00pm Tea Break at Elephants of Asia
3.30pm Elephants at Work and Play Show

4.00pm Pitching our tents - showing enthusiasm and orderliness!

Endangered Animals - education session in the Education Centre

6.45pm Dinner

7.30pm Night Safari

9.00pm Proceed to Campsite, wash and brush teeth.

9.15pm Night night lions. Night night monkeys. Sleeping with the Beasts begins.

Day 2 - Friday 15th January

7.00am Rise and Shine Good morning white tigers! (Wake up wash and brush teeth.)

8.00am Breakfast, the zoo is still closed, we see the zoo keepers and the animals taking care of business before their day begins.

9.00am River Safari

9.15am Guided Tour: Flowing Rivers

Begin your journey at Mississippi River where you meet, amongst others, the beavers, our water-loving architects, and the quirky looking paddlefish with their signature snouts. Meander along the world’s longest river, the Nile River, and find out how we keep the voracious and predatory tigerfish with other ‘fishy’ inhabitants like the strikingly patterned giraffe catfish and African arowana! Along the way, find out more about the ‘mbu’ and its life in Congo River, the world’s deepest river. Stroll pass the sacred Ganges River and learn more about the `pot-nosed’ Indian gharials. Swim by the Murray River - the food bowl of Australia, and end your guided tour at Mekong River where awesome giant catfish and giant freshwater stingrays swim leisurely!

10.10am Tea Break

10.15am Amazon River Quest Boat Ride

10.45am Tour the rest of River Safari

11.30pm Debrief and End of Camp!

12.15pm Return to SJI

Frequently asked questions

Are there seatbelts on the bus to the zoo? Yes.

What is the ratio of children to adults? 1:12 plus additional zoo staff.

Who are the supervisors? The camp supervisors have received clearance and are deemed suitable by the Singapore Zoo to supervise children. They have supervised many other national and international schools visiting the zoo.

Will there always be an SJIIES teacher with my child? Yes, each teacher from our school will be responsible for a group. Zoo providers will not supervise our students without an SJIIES staff member present.

My child has special dietary needs – will they be catered for? If they have special dietary needs e.g. vegetarian food, special arrangements can be made to meet their needs. Please do note down all medical and dietary needs on the forms provided in your parent pack.

How secure will the students and staff be from the public in the evening? The zoo is gated and closed from the public in the evening. There are 24-hour security guards at the one and only main gate. No one can enter or leave the zoo except via the main gate. We have arranged an additional zoo security guard on the road outside the camp overnight.

How far away are the tents from the water? From the tents to the water it is approximately 20 metres. There is a metal pole barrier surrounding the area that is close to the water. The barrier is 0.9m high. SJIIES Staff are on duty throughout the night, in 2-3 hr shifts, to ensure the safety of our children.

What if my child can’t attend? The expedition is part of the school curriculum and all children are expected to attend. Permission not to participate must be granted from the Principal. Families seeking exemption must do so in writing. There will be no schooling on campus available for those students who do not attend during the two days of the zoo trip.

Will my child be covered if they have an accident at the zoo? As we are still in Singapore, all students are covered by the school’s insurance policy. This covers medical and hospital/surgical expenses subject to the policy limits.

What will happen in the instance of my child needing medical assistance? All zoo facilitators have first aid training and there is a first aid room at the zoo to tend to minor incidents. If a student needs higher-level care, an ambulance will be called for from the nearest hospital – Koo Teck Phuat in Yishun.

What happens if there is a heavy rain i.e. sleeping arrangement?

If the weather is not suitable for staying outdoors in tents over night, the children and SJI Staff will sleep in the Wildlife Learning Centre Hall, which is situated near the main entrance of the zoo.

Payment information and important dates

The final cost for this expedition will be $190. This includes bus transfer, trained personnel in attendance, instruction and activities and all meals at the Singapore Zoo.

Please register online using the links in this newsletter.

Important dates for this expedition:

Online registration is now open
Please note that we have moved to online registration for expeditions.

Expedition Briefing: Tuesday 1st December 2015 0730, ES Hall.

Registration and payment of $190 due by: Thursday 10th December.

Medication due: Tuesday 12th January 2016

Departure: Thursday 14th January 2016, 9am. Come to school as usual at 8am.

Arrival back: Friday 15th January 2016, 12.15pm, High School Fountain.

Registration is now open - click here!

You may need to give permission to your phone, PC or Mac to access Google Docs.

Packing List

The children must wear their PE kit during this expedition.

Things to pack in your child’s green school backpack.

* 1 school PE Shirt for day 2.

* 1 set of casual clothes

* Covered shoes – comfortable to walk in

* Pyjamas or sleeping attire

* Undergarments

* Raincoat

* Toiletries

* Small towel

* Sleeping bag/sheet to sleep under (labelled) – roll up yoga mat optional

* Torchlight

* Small daypack (for carrying raincoat, water bottles during the day)

* Water bottle (labelled)

* Insect repellent

* Personal medication

* School hat

* Book for reading at night

* Teddy to snuggle up to in bed

* Optional: Small pillow

Please DO NOT send the following items with your child:

• Camera

• Food Snacks and sweets/candy - we confiscate all food and dispose of it. Food in tents will attract the smaller mammals that roam around the zoo at night.

• Mobile phones or any other electronic equipment

• Money

We request that children use their green school backpacks.

Make sure that your child’s bag is clearly identifiable on the outside. Everything will fit! No suitcases, please.