Pupil Services Quarterly

October/November 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the Pupil Services Quarterly!

In conjunction with building administration, the Pupil Services Office oversees the following departments/areas:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Education
  • English Language Education
  • Civil Rights
  • Homeless Education
  • Students in Foster Care
  • Nursing
  • Guidance
  • Section 504 Plans
  • Title IX Compliance Officer

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with updates and reminders about these areas so that you are best equipped to support all of our students. Please note that not all areas will be covered in each e-newsletter. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to email my office.

Be sure to read and follow IEPs and 504 Plans.

All staff members working with students on an IEP and/or 504 Plans must read, sign off on, and follow them. Please remember:
  • to check with the special education secretaries and/or Team Chairs regarding updated IEPs.
  • to check with Guidance Counselors regarding updated 504 Plans
  • All IEPs and 504 Plans can be accessed through your Aspen account.
  • Implementation includes service delivery as well as allowing students access to his/her accommodations and modifications.
  • Accommodations are to be used routinely, during daily classroom instruction. If a student is not accessing the accommodation(s) or refusing to use them, please have a conversation with the Team Chair or Guidance Counselor
  • maintain an updated Student Accommodation Sheet


Advance Notice and Planning Needed

When food is to be included for club activities, classroom celebrations or rewards, please be mindful of the District's Wellness Policy. Per the Wellness Policy, parents are to be notified and at times, permission is needed. We never want a student to feel singled out or excluded, so planning is important. Please reach out to your building's nurse for specifics.

Field Trips, Extracurricular Outings

Given the wide range of medical needs among our students, field trip coordinators and club advisors must connect with the school nurse at least 4 weeks before the trip to review the medical needs of students that may potentially be participating in the trip or outing. This provides time to review the individual needs and to determine if a nurse must attend or if staff can be trained to administer medication.

When to See the Nurse, a Guide for Teachers

Supporting our EL Students

EL/FEL Student Resources Folder

Earlier this year, ESL Department shared a Google Drive of resources to support you in your work with our EL population. With this shared drive you can organize the information as you see fit for your particular group of EL (English Learner) /FEL (Former English Learner) students. This shared drive contains the following:

  • EL/FEL Caseloads (all buildings/still being updated)
  • ACCESS Scores
  • Can Do Charts
  • Student Snapshots
  • SEI Strategies for ELs and FELs
  • Tools and organizers
  • Content and Language Objective Tools
  • Translation Resources

Professional Development: Self-Paced eWorkshops Now Available!

Educators have the opportunity to participate in the following six self-paced, on-demand eWorkshops developed by WIDA, a trusted name in the field of multilingual learner education and assessment:

  • Using the WIDA Writing Rubric
  • Leading for Equity: Classroom Walkthrough
  • Classroom Educators: Engaging Newcomer Multilingual Learners
  • Language for Learning in Mathematics
  • Doing and Talking STEM
  • Foundational Concepts for K-12 Educators

Want to know more? Full eWorkshop descriptions, promotional videos, and informational flyer can be found on our Self-Paced eWorkshop webpage.

Translations/Interpreter Services

Do you need an interpreter for an upcoming meeting or a document translated? Please complete a Request for Translator/Interpreter Services form. This must be submitted to building administration for approval. Please provide as much notice as possible.

Important Reminders from the Special Education Office

Education Assessment Part A forms. At Elmwood and Shaw, in conjunction with the record review, this form is completed by the School Psychologists for all initial and re-evaluation meetings. At the Jr./Sr. High, Part A is completed by the guidance counselors. These forms become part of the student's special education file and are shared with parents/guardians.

Education Assessment Part B Forms. A classroom assessment is mandated by federal and state law for Team evaluations. At all grades, this form is to be completed by a classroom teacher and/or specialist, not the special education/related service provider. In an effort to gather as much information as possible, multiple forms may be used. Please keep in mind that these classroom assessments will become a part of the student record, which will be shared with parents/guardians at the Team meeting. As shared in a recent email, these forms will be shared with you electronically via a calendar invite and are to be completed and returned within 10 school days. Please remember to be professional with your responses. If you have any questions, please see your Team Chairperson.

Big picture


AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators): this document will provide you with the location of the District's AEDs, what they look like, and on overview of how they work.

Educational Stability: this presentation was shared during the first few days of school. Please review as a refresher to our obligation to support homeless students and students in foster care.

IEP At a Glance: this document will allow you to make note of key aspects of a student's IEP. This is not required, but you may find it helpful. (I have been told that the first document is more user-friendly and preferred.)

Student Accommodation Sheet: this document will allow you to record, by class/period, all students on IEPs or 504s and their appropriate accommodations. Copies of this must be maintained in your sub folder.

Pupil Services Office

Kate Ryan, Director of Pupil Services

Mary O'Brien, Administrative Assistant