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January 2020

Dear WMMS Students and families,

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a joy-filled and relaxing break! I am excited to be back with everyone to finish out our first semester of learning. Our schedule is a bit unique this year. We come back from break and have four days remaining in first semester before we move to second semester. January 11th will be the first day of second semester. Students will change electives and anyone moving to or from the Kirksville Online Academy will make that switch beginning January 11th.

We will reopen at Level 2, so for WMMS and KHS that will mean Cohort B will return in person on Tuesday, January 5 and Cohort A will return in person on Wednesday, January 6. The District will continue to update the COVID Dashboard every Thursday for the following week.

See the sections below for reminders on the Level 2 Learning Protocols.

Here's to a great start to the New Year!


Julie Esquivel

WMMS Level 2 Learning Expectations

The School

Onsite Learning Days:

  • Students are physically present at school and under the guidance and direction of teachers in the teaching process

Distance Learning Days:

  • Students will be provided with learning activities through Google Classroom or physical materials provided during the onsite days

  • Respond to emails with questions about assigned work

Additional Support:

  • Teachers are available during their plan time each day to respond to questions from students who are engaged in distance learning. The best way to reach teachers is via email. Click here for teacher plan times & email addresses.

  • Study Hall & Math help is available every day at 7:10 am. Students can use computers to finish work, get additional help with math lessons, or just have a quiet place to work.

The Students

Onsite Learning Days:

  • Come to class prepared to learn

  • Engage in learning activities throughout the class period

  • Utilize school planner to record notes for distance learning days

  • Bring needed materials home for the distance learning days

Distance Learning Days:

  • Check Google Classroom

  • Complete work as noted during onsite learning days

  • Bring work back completed the next onsite learning day

  • Email the teacher with any questions about assigned work

The Families

  • Keep their contact information current with the school office (phone, address, email)

  • Check District/School communication platforms (email, textcaster, website) to stay current on district updates

  • Support a schedule conducive to a distance learning environment

  • Contact the school on any day in which the student is unable to attend onsite or distance learning

  • Contact the school to troubleshoot barriers to learning

For full details, please refer to our Level 2 Plan in this document. WMMS Return to Learn Fall 2020

CDC Face Covering Recommendations

The WMMS protocols require everyone to be masked most of the day. Please check your student's mask to make sure it meets the CDC recommendations.

CDC Face Covering Recommendations
  • Non-medical disposable masks
  • Masks that fit properly (snugly around the nose and chin with no large gaps around the sides of the face)
  • Masks made with breathable fabric (such as cotton)
  • Masks made with tightly woven fabric (i.e., fabrics that do not let light pass through when held up to a light source)
  • Masks with two or three layers
  • Masks with inner filter pockets

Kirksville Online Academy

The last day to finish first semester classes is January 8. Second semester begins January 11th.

Tips for a successful online learning experience:

  • create a regular routine to follow each day
  • take and review notes regularly
  • maintain regular communication with Mrs. Findling
  • address any issues right away
  • read and understand the progress reports to help you stay on track
  • take ownership of your learning

Contact Mrs. Findling with any questions or concerns. LFindling@kirksville.k12.mo.us or 660-626-1472.

CARES Center

The CFM CARES Center, Kirksville R-III's school health center, will remain open normal hours from 7:30 am-4:30 pm daily during Level 3. We have DESE-provided Rapid COVID tests for students and staff of the district at The CARES Center. The CARES Center will remain available for routine, preventative, and sick-related care. Please call 660-956-7011 with any questions, to schedule a COVID test, or for any other need. Virtual care is still available where appropriate.