Silverdale News

Week of 12/4

Teacher Laptops are being Reimaged


The OCS IT department came to Silverdale on Friday to collect all teacher laptops so they can be reimaged. This is to clean the computers of all viruses. This process will take a few days and the teachers will not have access to email/internet. If you need to contact a teacher, please give them until Wednesday afternoon to respond. If it takes longer than expected, we'll let you know. If you have an emergency, please call the main office at 326-5146.

December is here!

We have many exciting happenings this month! December 1st began our 12 Days of Giving with canned soup. Please see the flyer below to know what to bring in each day. Looking ahead, this Friday is Grinch Day and it's our Winter Dance. Money for the dance is due tomorrow.

4th and 5th grade

We recently began a new initiative to encourage students to bring up their grades. Every Friday, any student failing one or more classes comes to working lunch with Dr. Howard to receive an additional 30 minutes to catch up on any assignments that may be missing. 5th grade improved their percentages this week. Way to go! Please encourage your child to stay up-to-date on assignments and to turn them in.

Percent of students passing all classes:

4th grade- last week (49%) this week (46%)

5th grade- last week (46%) this week (54%)

New Grading Policy:

In order to create consistency across our school, we have implemented a new grading policy for students. Beginning with the second 9 weeks, students will have the following times to make-up missing assignments before the grade becomes a zero.

Grades 3-5:

Classwork: 3 days

Homework and Projects: 7 days

Missing work from an absence: 3 days

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Make sure and check out our school website!

Important Dates

12/1-12/16- 12 Days of Giving at SDE

12/7- Chic-Fil-A Night

12/7- PLT meeting @ 5pm

12/8- Winter Dance

12/11-12/15- Santa Shop (PLT)

12/21-1/2/18- Holiday Break