Fallen Angels

By: Walter Dean Myers

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Fallen Angels Summary

Fallen Angels is a tale of five soldiers coming from different parts of the States to serve their country in the Vietnam War which is taking place in the 1960's.The book's main focus lays on a soldier by the name of Richie Perry a young kid out of the poor streets of Harlem, New York. Perry didn't have any intention to go to the army, he preferred going to college, but after not getting in he was left with no other choice. While in Nam, the soldiers face racial conflicts between themselves that distracts them from the war. While having to fight off constant conflict barriers Sergeant Simpson, Lieutenant Carroll, and others are making an effort to come up with various tactics to defeat the Congs, as Peewee says. The group of boys must also deal with the abuse they go through while still having to participate in combat.


If you happen to like historical fiction stories then give this suspenseful and award winning novel a try!

Walter Myers and Accomplishments

Walter Dean Myers has written over 100 books that range from picture books to non-fiction novels. He has won many literary awards such as Jeremiah Ludington Award, multiple Coretta Scott King Awards, and many others. He has been nominated for many awards as well. Fallen Angels won the 1988 Coretta Scott King Award.

"I knew Mama loved me, but I also knew when I got back, she would expect me to be the same person, but it could never happen. She hadn’t been to Nam. She hadn’t given her poncho to anybody to wrap a body in, or stepped over a dying kid" (Myers 267).

Editorial Reviews

". . . as thought provoking as it is entertaining, touching and, on occasion, humorous." -- The New York Times Book Review

". . . This is a book which should be read by both young adults and adults." --District of Columbia Public Library

Would you go to Vietnam?

When facing hardships and determined to achieve goals, would you do something out of desperation such as join the army and fight at Vietnam?

Walter Dean Myers

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