Science Camp by IIT Alumnus

4 day science camp for 7th to 10th students by PractEase

An ounce of practease is better than tons of theory!

For 4 days get immersed in a wonderland of scientific discovery and innovation. At the end of it, get poised to re-enter the classrooms refreshed and energised, raring to learn more.

This summer, learn science the way it has to be learnt - by laughing, enjoying and marveling!

  • Electric bell - Create an electric bell from scratch. Next time you feel hungry while studying, notify your mom with a bell sound!
  • Electro-magnetic crane - Move the crane, its arms and iron scraps to understand the miracles of electro-magnetism!
  • Periscope - Become a master of optics and enslave light to act according to your wish and command!
  • Telescope - Make your own telescope and see objects that are far away, very near. How about seeign your school reopening date?
  • Solar car - Know about photo-voltaic cells and how much energy our sun really has!

Take away all the models you built after the workshop..



25th April to 28th April

9:00AM to 11:30Am


Next Learning Centre, 8D, Dhandapdani Street, T-Nagar, Chennai

For Registrations, pls call 9884186145 / 9566178189

or send a mail to