Robert Lee


Something you did yesterday .

I played football.

I went to the ymca and played basketball.

I worked out at the ymca.

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Something I do well.

I know how to pump up the football team

I know how to cook very well

I know how to make people smile

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Something about my childhood.

I loved to go to disney world

I loved to wake up early and go outside

I loved making breakfast with my mom

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Something i learned last week.

I learned last week you can never say you won a football game at the end until it is over

I learned that you can never trust people all the time

I learned that the NFL pay players off

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Something you can't live without.

I can't live with my shoes

I can't live without a mall in my life because every time i go there i spend a lot of money

i can't live without money because i love spending it

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Something you love to listen to and watch.

I love to listen to rap and hip/hop

I love to watch espn

I love to listen to jazz in my grandma car because that is the only thing i can listen to in her car

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