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What Is Happening?

A lot of the same old stuff like the muck fire and lightning, but a new family moved in along with high school football star, Erik Fisher. Since then, our soccer tryouts have begun and the greatest soccer goalie that Tangerine has ever seen, Paul Fisher, was rejected and kicked off because of sight problems. A very unfortunate occurrence happened during football practice when 16 year old Mike Costello was hit by lightning and killed. A private funeral will be held on Saturday September 19. We will talk about his death later in this article. Because of this the parents of the football players rallied and football players now have to stop playing when lightning strikes. The muck fires have been way more active than usual so keep some water ready.

Erik Fisher versus Paul Fisher in each's life

While Erik got all the attention, Paul wasn't very popular and eventually thinks everything revolves around the " Erik Football Dream". Paul is great at soccer but his brother is to. While Paul is kicked of the soccer team because of his vision problems and Erik is thriving in football. Lets hope that Paul gets a chance to show himself.

Tragedy Strikes!!!!!

We will now describe the events leading to Mike Costello's death. Two days ago Mike was playing football as a thunderstorm raged and emptied its wrath on the field. Unfortunately, lightning struck Mike and he died immediately. His younger brother Joey was found trying to pull his shoes off. After that tragic affair we find Erik Fisher making fun of Mike for his Mohawk Man look(I hope his mother is reading this). A private and extremely touching funeral was held Saturday, September 19. We honer his memory.