Library Media Center

Aurora Heights ~ Mrs. Clute, LMC Director

Love of Reading~

Students at AH have been watching Iowa Children Choice Award book trailers. A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book and is quite similar to a movie trailer. Through the use of sound, images, and text, the videos provide a visual format to encourage and motivate students to read. The book trailers have been a great success! All of the Iowa Children's Choice Award books are currently checked out, and there are multiple holds pending.

What are the kids reading? The most popular series in our library right now is Chris d'Lacey's "The Last Dragon Chronicles."


We now have an iPad cart (30 devices) and a Google Chromebook cart (30 devices) for each grade-level. Students have the opportunity to learn applications from both Google and Apple, which will give them a well-rounded education in the technology they will use as they progress through school. We have been reviewing the grade-level criteria for "Type to Learn" in the computer lab and taking the DIBELS Math online assessment. This year, students will use the computer lab, iPads, and Chromebooks to take online assessments aligned with the new Reading Wonders Program.

Technology Tip~

Great Read~

My "great read" this summer was The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. If you would like to recommend a "great read," please send me an email.