A Diamond in the Rough


Location- Venezuela is located in the Northern part of South America, it borders the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Weather- It always stays warm to hot, with an average temperature of around 75. June-December are the wettest month of the year.

Climate- It is very tropical and warm, except for in the highlands which are a more moderate climate

Physical Characteristics- Venezuela is home to Angel Falls, the world's highest water fall. Half of the country's land area is made up of the Guiana highlands.


Languages- Venezuela's official language is Spanish, but they also have numerous dialects throughout the country.

Folkways- Naturally, men always go to do the "harder" work, while women stay home to take care of the house and do the daily household chores. When they get married, you are expected to marry into the same social class that you were in, and you should even marry the same race. When you get your own house, it is expected to be close to the rest of the family, even near your extended family.

Taboos- When eating out with a group, hold a conversation that includes the whole group, as it is considered rude to direct a conversation at one specific person. You also should never refuse food that is offered to you, even if you don't like it you should take a small portion. When there are guests at dinner, they never get served twice, except for the chosen drink for the meal.

Values- The elders of the country are very respected and cared for. It is an unspoken guideline that you should follow to respect them. Venezuela is known for winning numerous national beauty pageants, as a result, beauty is highly valued in women, and they will go to any extreme to look as good as they believe is possible.


Subcultures- Venezuela is made up of 23 different states. It also has a distinct line the divides the rich and poor people of the country. They all live with others like them in a certain area.

Culture Landscape- You can travel throughout Venezuela on their 806 km of railways, or fly from one of 444 airports.

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion- The United States influenced their economy when they wrote their petroleum law. Also, Portugal influenced the religion throughout the country.

Evidence of Culture Change- Throughout the years, women have been becoming more educated in Venezuela, where as in the past they didn't get much of an education.


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Maria Yurkew