October TBO Newsletter

"I'm so busy I'm not sure I found a rope or lost my horse"

Quality Control update

"Folter coming up short'

We just received the plus sizes of the three "All Cat Eyes On You Top" variations,

"Talking Scents Top" and also the "Dotted With Fun Top". It appears that the plus sizes are measuring shorter than the regular sizes. Ughhh Oh!!

The regular sizes fit like a basic body con top. Plus sizes fit more like a crop flare top. Because the fit was approved by our tech team, we do not have a valid reason that the vendor is at fault. The tech team approved the fit that was submitted without knowledge of what was approved for the regular sizes, therefore the fault lies with us.

The tech department is still fairly new to the organization. They are working on setting up procedures for better alignment in internal and external communication to avoid situations as this.

All five styles were processed as is. The exact measurements are listed on the PDP's.

Airport Greeting Cardigan Update

Whewwww!!!! What a nightmare it has been with our Airport Greeting Cardigans. In September we sent over 3,000 units back to the vendor because of the change in composition and care. As we thought our nightmare was over, the cardigans came back to haunt us again!!!

Units were found with the correct composition and a change of care which read, "hand wash, do not dry clean". The care originally was dry clean only. Now we have several units across all colorways with conflicting care tags reading both care instructions.

We decided to completely remove care from all of the cardigans PDP's. Notes were left in the profiles for our customer care reps to reference to for curious customers who may call in, honestly letting them know the cardigan may be hand washed or dry clean. Restocks are being inspected to ensure the composition and care are correct.

“Some Things Never Change. They just Become Different.”

For the past couple months we have received a lot of restocks with change in composition. Our receiving team is finally grasping the concept of being thorough on inspecting restocks and new styles, constantly catching changes.

"Until you walk a mile in another man's moccasins you can't imagine the smell "

I couldn't believe my nose when we received the Finn Vacant sweater. The stench was unbelievable, and probably the worst I've smelled in the two years I been here at Modcloth. The sweater reek of rotten hard boiled eggs. The sweater seemed to air out slightly when taken out of the poly bag. I assumed it may have been the packaging because the odor didn't leave the bag. Even after airing out and re bagging into a new poly bag, they still reek. Style is still under investigation.

"Mystree is a mystery!!"

I had a total of three styles from Mystree this month arrive with "chemical" listed on the composition tag. Two of the three styles we will not be expecting replacements for.

Vendor Problems

October TBO VP Recap - 62 Total VP’s

3 Biggest Categories:

  • Short Shipments – 24 VP’s
  • Comp/Care/COO – 10 VP’s
  • Over Shipments – 8 VP’s

Special Report - 6 Months of Stats!

So we've been keeping these statistics on Vendor Problems for 6 months, so I threw together some extra charts this month... Enjoy!

Customer Feedback!

Don't be Scared-- Our Girl Loves To Share Her Thoughts!

Suggestions For Buying:

Re: Bottoms- ModStylist Zendesk Ticket: 9399

I love ModCloth, and I would love to be able to wear your pants without serious hemming! I am a short girl, so I was wondering if you'd consider stocking some of your pants in shorter inseams (29-30"), especially now that you have your own in-house labels. Also maybe longer inseams for tall girls, while you're at it. I guarantee you'd get even more of my paycheck. Thanks!

Re: Outerwear- ModStylist Zendesk Ticket: 9074


Just some general feedback - as someone who usually buys size 0/XS/XXS is North American stores, I am having a hard finding coats that look like they would fit me on Modcloth. I did order one blazer in a small and it was way too big. I would love to buy some of the winter coats that you sell, but very few seem to be offered in an XS or a smaller/fitted S. Like many modcloth customers, I like my coats to be flattering and not bulky. Since I'm ordering from Canada, returns are expensive so I don't want to risk it with size S when it looks like it might be too big.

Thank you!

Reoccuring Feedback

*Longer Length Skirts, please!

*Petite Sizes, specifically size XS

"Trick or treat, smell my feet"