Cooper the Supervillan

The Element: Copper

The Abilities of Cooper the supervillan

  • He can shoot lightning out of his fingers.
  • He can turn into any shape or form
  • He can adjust his temperature
  • He is very malleable and ductile
  • He can adsorb heat from living creatures
  • He can absorb electricity
  • He can build or destroy anything with his mind
  • He can talk to animals


Characteristics of the element Copper

Copper is a metal which is reddish brown in color. Copper is also has a high luster content. If exposed to water and air, copper will slowly corrode, tuning it green.
  • # of: Protons: 29
  • # of: Neutrons: 35
  • # of: Electrons: 29

Important Uses

Copper is a great conductor of heat and electricity and is used largely in houses and buildings for this very reason. Copper sulfate is also used as a fungicide in lakes, rivers and ponds.

History of Copper

From the latin word Cyprium, after the island of Cyprus, copper is obtained from: Chalcopyrite and Chalcosine. Copper is mans oldest metal, dating back more then 10,000 years.