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What's Happening in Room A-10? Issue 10

The Mission Report Continues...

So what's done with the mission report? The cover, intro paragraph, the mission under Spanish rule, Mexican rule, and American rule, and the mission map.

Next? The opinion essay: What would you rather be at your mission, a missionary/priest, a California Indian, or a Spanish solider? We'll be taking notes on each. The first draft of this section is due Thursday, April 7th. Click here to see a sample.

Coming up soon: a concluding paragraph or two to wrap it up, and once everything's in place and numbered, the Table of Contents.

Your child should be prepared to turn in the entire project with all the sections on Wednesday, April 20th. The extra credit mission model, small enough to fit on a student desk, is due the next day, Thursday the 21st. (Late models will not be accepted.)

A Mission Book "published" for your iPad

I've "published" a book through Apple's iBooks that takes students step-by-step through the parts of their mission report, updated with reminders on each section. If you have an iPad or Apple computer, you can click here to open the link and download it for free.

Science: Electricity and Magnetism

After a couple more projects, we'll be doing the switch from Social Studies to Science. Chapters 8 & 9 cover Static Electricity, Electricity & Conductors, Circuits, Magnetism & Electromagnets.

Feel free to do a little research on this topics online with your child... there are some engaging experiments and videos to check out. Just click on the terms above for examples.

Pennies for Patients: Beyond our Goal!

Thanks again for all the funds you sent in for helping battle Leukemia & Lymphoma. We had a goal of $300, which we blew out of the water with $379! That's great news!

New Technology Pilot for Our Fourth Graders

Mrs. Siedlecki and I signed up to pilot test new technology for our district. We will soon be trying out a full class set of Chromebooks for two weeks, and then will swap for a full class set of iPad Airs. We will be taking advantage of the technology by tying in our Google Classroom assignments and enhancing the district curriculum with other tech activities.

Photos from the field trip, fiesta day

Fourth grade is now using a website called Homeroom for sharing photos from both the Huntington Library field trip and our Fiesta Day last Friday. Click here to sign up and view the photos from the field trip, and click here to view photos (and add them) from Fiesta Day.

Fourth Grade is Coming to a close...

Hard to believe it, but when we return, there will be only 43 days of fourth grade left! Please help your child make the most of it by staying on top of every homework assignment, project and test.

You can always check tonight's homework assignments by visiting our webpage (, and clicking on the My Homework link.

Our Homework Page

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