Let Your Voice Be Heard

Infusing Our Vision With Vitality Foresight and Meaning

We Need You

Weeble Wobbles Christian Childcare Center needs to hear from you. We need all stakeholders to lend their voice to our collective vision. Each portion or facet of our education system - preK - 12, postsecondary and adult education, after- school and youth development and training, and teacher preparation programs - must be aligned to prepare citizens with 21st century skills they need to strive and contend in the 21st century (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2008).

Stakeholders, lend your voices to provide valuable input for our revitalized vision. As with our some of our educational counterparts, we desire to reset the vision with an infusion of purpose gleaned from open ended questions posed to our stakeholders. We also want to promote a growth mindset, authentic learning, social engagement and addressing the needs of the whole child.

The underlying slogan and tone of our vision will mirror that of Bowdoinham Community School; “In it together, learning that lasts,” and “Meaningful learning every day, for life.”

(The Times Record, 2015).

As with the Alliance for Catholic Education, we follow their model that builds capacity among Catholic school personnel and as such is contributing to teacher development, positive colleague interactions, shared instructional leadership, and ultimately student learning. Emphasis on teacher, group, and vision capacity in professional development has the potential to affect lasting change in Catholic schools. Our School promotes a Christian Education that embraces some of the tenets this model offers (Catholic Education, 2013).


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