Freedom Boarding School

Monterey, CA

Our Mission

Our mission for Freedom Boarding School is that all the students that attend this school would be fully prepared for the real world. We will make adults out of these kids and let them grow as individuals.

Significance of name & School focus

The name of my school is Freedom because at my school you are free from your parent, People from where your from and typical lifestyle. And lovers of makeup will be going to my school and most of those people would say make up in like a break. My school's focus is on cosmetics and cosmetology. This school is a college prep as well as a career prep school

Bell Schedule

My school's bell structure is pretty simple. It will have block scheduling with two core classes, two cosmetology classes everyday for a semester and then the students core and cosmetology classes will change. So every year each student will finish with taking a total of four core classes and four cosmetics classes. Here is the bell schedule:

Morning bell - 7:10 1st block- 7:10-8:46 2nd block- 8:50-10:24 3rd block- 10:28-12:04 lunch- 12:04-12:35 4th block- 12:39-2:10

Mascot & Colors

My school's mascot is a pig. The mascot is a pig because a lot of people would think a pig is an ugly animal but when it comes to makeup, anyone can look as flawless as they want. My school colors are baby pink and pearl white because usually when someone thinks of makeup, they think of the color pink.