Battle of the Books Round 3

5th Graders: Choose one bracket and vote starting March 20

It's the LAST round!

Below are descriptions of each book in the Battle of the Books Contest. Each description was written by the publisher of the book, and adapted here to help you choose which bracket to start reading. Pick one bracket, read both books, and vote for a winner. Voting for round three will start March 20th on the Hilltop Library Website. The winning books from round three will be chosen as the 2015 5th Grade Book Champions!

Prizes: Students must take an AR test and score at least 7/10, and then VOTE for their favorite book to be eligible to win a prize. Prizes are given randomly, so you can win even if you don't vote for the winning title! Prizes will include books, posters and more!

May the best book win!


Non Fiction