Genre Project

By Alex Monroe


Memoir is a genre that talks about a authors memory. It's like a author talking about a part of his life.


Mystery is a really fun genre! People that start reading these books want to read more. Mystery is about a person that tries to solve crime. In other words this genre can be called a crime novel. For example, its just like solving a puzzle.
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Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a genre that talks about the past. If you want to know about war or any of that stuff you would like Historical fiction a lot.
Historical Fiction Connection Rap


Fantasy is a genre that talks about imaginary worlds, magical creatures and all of that fun stuff,

For example: Harry potter would be a fantasy book.

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Science Fiction

Science fiction is a book dealing with a futuristic science content, This genre includes time travel, extraterrestrial life and much more!

For example: The Hunger games would be a Science Fiction.

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Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a and imaginative writing that can be written by the lives we live in today. like we cant write a story about robots or cowboys it talks about the life we live in today.
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Romance is a story about love with in two people and must have a emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.
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Thriller is a book that contains excitement and gets you more into it. These books would be more like horror/scary stories which are fun to read.
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Humor is a genre that can include jokes or funny stories and sometimes are written by comedians.
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Adventure genre is a story that can include danger, excitement and sometimes a lot of action.
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Autobiography is the author talking about his or her own life.
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Biography is a persons life written by someone else.
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