Robbery In Fort knox

Bad Guys

I am a villain that has a partner and his name is Big D.We go against two superhero's that is Captain Man and Big B.We are trying to rob the bank and a superhero and a good villain that stop us.I look through the building behind them and I tell my partner to blow it up and I tell my partner to blow up Fort Knox in Virginia.My partner blew it up and we found gold.We said bye bye and we left.We got the gold and they came after us.They almost got us but I brought the thunder and I shocked them.They fell and weakened their powers for a long time.They could not get us so they came running towards us.Captain man got my feet but Big D got a big arm and swung at them.The second time he swung he finally got them.They let go of my feet and they fell off and we ran faster.They stayed behind and we hind in a really good place.They could not find us and finally got away from them.They gave up and we got away with it.We got 9.7 billion dollars.We bought really big things.