La Familia Proyecto de Cultura

By: Alex Koll


In Spain, family is the most important. Many families have a nuclear structured family. After marriage, the spouses don't typically stay with the parents but the parents may live near. The average family has two children.
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Parent/Child Relationship

Boys are not typically made to do housework and generally spend the rest of school with their parents or get engaged. Parents usually take responsability for their children, but school and social environments help with childrens' success.
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Gender Roles

Earlier in time, boys were typically the ones working and providing for the family while the women work in the house. Now a days, both men and women work. Older women in Spain are more likely to have a traditional housewife role.
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An Iteresting Fact

Family members must approve a spouse before engagement. Also, they both work for a long time to buy an apartment rather than being given money to buy one on the spot.
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My Belief

I believe that Spanish culture, as in family relations, are very similar to that of ours and that it should remain... This is a very good culture to say.


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