TLT Training Sessions

September 2-6, 2O13

Using Splice (iPad) to Create and Edit Videos

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd, 12:30-1:30pm

JC Long, Room 317

Splice is a free iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app that allows you to edit videos and create new video projects. Using this app, you can edit video, add images, add titles and transitions. In addition, you can add music, sound effects and voiceover. It's not a high-end video editing application, but it's a great free way to get started.

If you have an iPad, and would like to bring it, then you will need to download the free version of Splice (Note: It is only an iPhone app, but it will work on the iPad) --

If you don't have an iPad, don't worry, one will be provided for you.

Power Half Hour: OAKS Checklist

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 12:30-1pm

J.C. Long, Room 317

The Power Half Hour sessions are typically held between 12-1 to accommodate for lunch schedules and focus on one particular skill or tool.

These sessions will be marked as beginner, intermediate, or advanced sessions, but please feel free to come to whichever sessions you like!

This session focuses on using the checklist tool in OAKS. Come learn more about using this tool to give students a roadmap in your course, as well as track student progress.

Session Level: Intermediate with OAKS

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