Peace. Love. TURTLES!!! BY: Ashley Huang


You hear the water splashing around the beach. Then you see lots of little baby turtles pop their heads out of the soft sand and waddle to the ocean. If your're a nature and turtle lover and this sounds like a great place to visit, then pack your bags and say hi to Costa Rica's Tortuguero National Park.


The first Spanish settlement in Tortuguero was San Juan de la Cruz. It is found at the mouth of the San Juan river (about 40 km north from Tortuguero National Park. In the 19th century, sailors and merchants found out about Tortuguero because of the thousands of turtles who laid their eggs there.

In 1890 a railroad was built from Limon to San Jose. Sadly, during this time period, exporting turtles was very popular.

The first wood mill opened in the 1940's, which meant: More population, improving transportation, and other benefits. The wood work ended in about 1972. Because of that, Tortuguero returned to its normal way of life (farming, hunting, and fishing). One big part of Tortuguero's industry is Tortuguero National Park.


You might be thinking that Tortuguero National Park is just a place to have fun and watch turtles, but what some of you don't know is that it actually protects the turtles! Totuguero National Park helps provide turtles protection. In fact, in the 1960's, the green turtle population was becoming extinct. So , in 1959,Dr. Archie Carr formed the STC (Sea Turtle Conservancy)to protect sea turtles. Another thing that STC helped with was making Tortuguero National Park.


If you go to Tortuguero National Park you NEED to go on some turtle tours, I mean that's basically the main reason to go to a turtle park right? If you want to see some sea turtles laying their eggs, the best time to go to Tortuguero National Park is between April and October. But, if you want to see the eggs hatch, then you should go to to Tortuguero between November to early January.

The best way to see the wildlife around Tortuguero is to go on guided canoe tours. The canoe tours will allow you to get close to nature and see the different animals and plants in Costa Rica.

Tortuguero Hill is a good way to get a wonderful view of Tortuguero . Tortuguero Hill is the tallest point on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

If you want to learn more about turtles nesting, the animals in Tortuguero, or if you have any other questions, the perfect place to go to is The Sea Turtle Conservancy Museum. Not only is The Sea Turtle Conservancy a good place to learn, it also has a little gift shop!

Remember, there is way more to do in Tortuguero then what is listed here. So expect some more fun!