Miniature Donkey

By Jacob Johnson

Scientific name, color, size, appearance.

1. Equus africanus asinus

2. Coat Color-Black, white, gray, brown

3. Weight and Height- 180-1,100 lbs and 2.6 ft-5.2 ft

4. Appearance- The donkey's appearance is a stocky build with a furry coat and a cross design on its back. It has long ears and a medium size tail.

Role and service between a donkey and a mini donkey

1. The donkey's role is to protect

2. Good with livestock protection

Mini Donkey's role and service:

1. To comfort

2. To play with

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Grooming- Is different from a horse. You can groom your donkey weekly or daily

Food- Barley Straw and grass hay

Space-Hard to say how much space but it needs plenty to graze and roam

Health-Can have abscesses on hoofs and their coats, arthritis, back and neck soreness, heaves or broken wind (problems with breathing), and other things.

Habitat Needs- Its natural habitat needs are dry air and and dry ground

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