For Sale: Texas Land



There are many reasons why you could come here, to this beautiful land we call Texas. Texas is a place where you can have adventures and escape the dull everyday life in the U.S. There is plenty of water so you will not go thirsty and with a climate good for growing crops or raising cattle.

  • There is plenty of land never been touched by a plow for everyone for only 12.5 cents an acre.
  • Labor- 177 acres
  • Sitio- 4,428 acres


Green DeWitt's colony is the area of Gonzales. This land consists of 1,100 square miles.

Located between the Lavaca River and the divide of the Guadalupe and San Antonio Rivers. The land is wide and open, clear of trees.


In order to become a Mexican citizen you must send an application letter to Stephen F. Austin. You must also become a Mexican citizen, and a part of the catholic church, as well as follow Mexico's laws and be a person of good moral character.


You can contact Green DeWitt in Gonzalez Texas.