1 million dollars and extra facts

Mason, Vincent, Rene

What we would do with 1 million dollars

450,000 dollars goes to start our own charity to stop overflowing landfills . 100,000 goes to our school to get to do more fun things. The last 450,000 dollars goes to make an organization to raise awarness of recycling.

Extra facts about Overflowing landfills

  • The burning of trash releases large amounts of carcinogens and particulate matter into the air.
  • Methane is 20 times more effective than heat trapped in carbon dioxside.
  • Did you also know that the world throws away over 2.6 trillion pounds of trash is kept in landfills.
  • They take the garbage to landfills and buried it in the ground.
  • Americans threw away more than 251 million pounds of garbage in 2006.
  • Land pollution is anything that damages or contaminates the land.
  • Sometimes chemicals from the trash can contaminate the soil and eventually the groundwater we need for drinking.
  • Scientists predict that it could take a glass bottle about 1 million years to biodegrade and that some materials like styrofoam will never biodegrade.
  • Many materials that end up as waste contain toxic substances.
  • Over time these toxins leach into our soil and groundwater and become environmental hazards for years.
  • The environmental problems caused by landfills are numerous.
  • Then we have to find new places to throw trash
  • Americans take up 5% of the world population and throw away 30% of the worlds trash
  • Americans throw away enough garbage everyday to fill 63,000 garbage trucks, which if lined up end to end for an entire year would stretch half way to the moon.
  • In a lifetime, the average American will personally throw away 600 times his or her body weight, which for an average adult would leave a legacy of 90,000 pounds of trash at the end of their lifetime.