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White River Valley School District----September, 2020

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Governor Releases New Color-Coded Education System

Schools across the state are working under a new set of guidelines for school attendance as released by Governor Holcomb and the Indiana State Health Department in late August. All five school districts in Greene County have been working with the Greene County Health Department in order to meet the expectations of the Governor's new plan. The plan gives every county a color code based on two metrics: the community spread positivity rates based on a 7-day rolling statistic of new cases divided by the total number of tests administered and the number of new cases in the past week per 100,000 residents (Greene County's statistics are determined by the population of 32,000.). The change in percent positivity will show an up or down arrow but will NOT be reflected in the county's score.

*In a BLUE ranking--in-person learning will continue as is; athletics will continue as is.

*In a YELLOW ranking--in-person learning will continue as is; athletics will limit spectators at events to parents/guardians and close relatives only.

*In an ORANGE ranking--the plan recommends moving to a hybrid schedule at the high school and the middle school. Students have already been notified which group that they have been assigned--Group A or Group B. The elementary school will continue with in-person learning as suggested by the plan. Athletics will continue, but NO spectators will be allowed at events.

*In a RED ranking--the plan recommends moving to an all virtual platform at the high school and the middle school AFTER consultation with the County Health Department. If the Health Department advises us that the spread is not within the school district, then we can stay in a hyrbrid. If the virus is within the school district, the recommendation will be to move to a virtual platform at the high school and middle school. The plan recommends keeping the elementary school open for in-person learning. The GCHD will give us a recommendation to move to a hybrid at the elementary, if needed. Mrs. Staggs and her staff will be ready to move that direction IF that is the GCHD recommendation. Athletics events will cease across the district with only the varsity programs allowed to practice under advisement from the GCHD and administrative decision.

This...as it has been from its onset...is an incredibly fluid situation. Our students have been doing a wonderful job with PPE and following new protocols. We appreciate the work of our faculties and staffs at each of the three buildings. We will continue to work together to give our kids the best education possible.

At the current time, Greene County has been classified as a YELLOW county.

Virtual Program Gaining Momentum and Consistency

14.7% of WRV Students Have Chosen Virtual Program

Across the three district schools, we have some good work being done by our virtual students and staff. At the elementary school, Mrs. Rhoda Davis is working with the virtual program to provide services to our students. Ms. Megan Padgett is manning the virtual program at the middle school. Both of those virtual platforms are Accelerated Learning programs. Mrs. Claire Records is working with Edgenuity for our high school and Wolverine Academy students.

These programs are totally new, and we certainly appreciate all of the hard work being done in meeting the challenges that come with new programs. Our program supervisors are working hard to make sure students maintain contact with the school as we work through the coronavirus situation, while also getting a challenging curriculum. It is our goal to make sure students receive the necessary rigor to propel them forward with their learning skills.

Coronavirus Scorecard Launched on District Website

In order for parents, students, and staff to monitor the virus situation in "real-time," we are preparing a link on our district website--www.wrv.K12.in.us--that will contain district statistics in regards to the virus situation. We will be listing the overall total number of cases that we've experienced with students and staff. We will have a second set of statistics that will list current active cases with students and staff. The website will be updated at the end of each school day.

By virtue of following the law on health privacy, we will not be listing student or staff names. We do want to be as transparent as possible without violating these laws.

When we do get positive cases, we do have to contact trace anyone who has been within six feet of the positive individual for 15 minutes or more. That contact tracing will involve a phone call to parents or staff from the building principal or the district nurse, Mrs. Jess Egenolf. Students/Staff who are close contacts have to quarantine for 14 days. We must follow the guidelines and directives from the Greene County Health Department in these situations.

Regional Opportunity Initiative Implementation Grant Programs Underway

Last year, WRV went through the planning to launch many new initiatives for the 20-21 school year. With our last nine weeks being virtual, we are working hard to "catch-up" from our delay. 95% of the faculties and staffs at the elementary and the middle schools have been trained and our implementing our new Trust-Based Relational Intervention program in grades PK through grade 8. Teachers and staff are working with a model that is best practice and based on brain research to help students overcome trauma and anxiety. Hope Alight LLC did our professional development training and will be coming back in September to help teachers and staff continue to build their professional skills.

Mr. Jacob Graham, former sixth grade teacher, has hit the ground running with the implementation of STEAM initiatives at the elementary and middle schools. Students are getting additional experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Additional opportunities for Project Lead the Way have also been launched. The middle school has launched Medical Detectives, Automation Robotics, and Engineering Design and Modeling. These programs are in addition to the PLTW computer science offering that was started last year. The high school has added PLTW computer science along with the already established Biomedical program.

The high school Advanced Placement curriculum has grown with our involvement in the University of Notre Dame AP-TIP grant. Additional Advanced Placement offerings at WRV HS include AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Spanish, and AP Art. The AP courses are in addition to our previous offerings of AP Calculus, AP Language, AP Literature, and AP US History.

The Wolverine Enterprises student-led business program has been launched as well. The student leadership applications and interviews have been conducted with selections finalized. The businesses are meeting every day with some already providing services to patrons. You can follow WE on twitter @wrventerprises. You can also email the students at WEsales@wrv.k12.in.us. The student marketing team is currently preparing a website to give patrons an opportunity to learn more about our services. Students are already at work on products and services that are being planned. This is an exciting and innovative program that will give students entrepreneurial apprenticeships and actual on-the-job training. Students are working in Precision Machining, Advanced Manufacturing, Print Services, Foods, Art (jewelry/pottery), Agricultural Power and Production, and Logistics. With our spring setback, each of these student-led experiences are at a different place. We are planning a Grand Opening event later this fall when everyone is ready and equipped to operate. Later this year, we will be launching into our Conexus Internship and Apprenticeship program where students will be able to "earn-while-they-learn!" There is a great deal to be excited about with this unique academic programming. We appreciate our community business partners who have already stepped aboard with us in this endeavor! We will be reaching out to the community as we get closer to our Grand Opening!

Maker Spaces, areas where student collaboration and exploration can be nurtured with "hands-on" learning experiences, are being developed at all three WRV schools! We have had some early supply chain problems in getting some equipment, especially in the area of technology, but we are constructing areas to be ready when everything does come in. It is tremendously exciting to see these areas develop as we know students love "hands-on" educational manipulative experiences.

Being a part of the Ready Schools program through the Regional Opportunity Initiatives in the Indiana Uplands region has really opened the doors for many new student experiences. Part of that program was the 1,100 interviews conducted last year with our students, parents, patrons, and community business partners. With new programs at all levels for all students, we believe that we are better preparing local talent to be successful at college, trade school, the military, or in the workforce. We have kept our ROI Design team and will be conducting monthly meetings to evaluate our new programs as we now have a systemic improvement plan in place. It is also nice to have everyone speaking the same language with our new Wolverine Tenets for Success now in place from PK through grade 12.

As you can see, we have many wonderful things happening at White River Valley Schools! As we continue to grow in each of these programs, our students will benefit as we build for a better future in Greene County!!

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