HS Math Summer Newsletter 2019

Summer Enrichment Assignments for Courses

Keep your skills fresh and ensure that you are ready for learning on day 1 of the new school year. The department has compiled assignments of pre-requisite skill practice for our core courses.

Please review the assignment for your course below.

Summer Shopping: Calculator Recommendations

We strongly suggest that students/families purchase their own calculator for use during their math class. We have classroom calculators available and can certainly loan them out (the same way we do with textbooks) for the academic year, but if it is financially feasible for students/families to purchase their own, we recommend you do this over the summer. You may be able to take advantage of the many sales during the back to school season. Students will need to have a calculator that they know how to use as an efficient tool for the PSATs and SATs as we are not able to provide them for every single student during testing.

For students entering Algebra I or Geometry:

A scientific calculator is sufficient and will be useful. Teachers will use graphing calculators with students in the classroom (and some students may want to get a head start on learning these tools independently), but they are not relied upon frequently. We recommend any of the TI-30s (see pictures below).

For students entering Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus, or Statistics

We will consistently use graphing calculators as a tool in the classroom and on homework and expect that students will have their own calculator. We understand that they are a bit more expensive and we can sign them out to students if need be, just communicate that to your teacher or the department supervisor at the start of the year.

We strongly recommend a TI-84Plus (see pictures below). Note: sometimes stores or sites will have a back to school sale for another brand. You are welcome to purchase another brand of calculator, however, our teachers are familiar with TIs, our classroom sets are TIs, and any instructions we distribute to students are set up for TIs.

Preparing for the PSAT/SAT

For students who have already taken the PSAT and/or SAT, they can and should be taking advantage of Khan Academy's personalized practice. Link your test scores from your College Board account to your Khan Academy account and you will be able to work through individualized practice to prepare you for the next test.

For Fun

As a department, we are encouraging students to become more interested and aware of the many connections between the study of mathematics and computer science. We offer courses in computer science (see Program of Studies), but also encourage students to learn more throughout their years about the importance and excitement of computer science. Check out some of the links below.