Nature's Bounty

Gluten Free Cereal

Product Discription

Our product is a corn flake gluten free cereal. A product brought by Mother Nature herself. We have taken a lot of time developing and making the product the best we can for our consumers.


We are a family first based company looking to enrich the lives and health of all our customers. We are devoted to providing good tasting gluten free cereal for everyone!


We sell to many local and regional companies located around our area. You can also order in bulk from our online store located at the bottom of this page. Later on we will produce our product in many more areas located in the U.S.

Promotional Plan

We are going to promote our product by putting our product by strawberries in the store. We are going to pay for an end cap in the breakfast food section of the store, and we are going to pay a store employee to give out free samples of our delicious cereal.

Target Market

Our target market will include people that do not eat gluten. Also in this target market there will be people who are very healthy and also try to eat fresh and healthy cereals.

Psychographic - People who choose to be active and healthy. Also prefer to eat fresh ingredients like we provide in our cereal.

Demographic - Also this cereal for would be for an upper middle class family. Most likely they would live in more of an urban area. The age would not have a range because there are children and elderly people who can not eat things with gluten.


We chose these colors because it was a very natural color scheme. It made sense to use these colors because we use natural fresh ingredients in our cereal. Also it helped tie the product together as a whole.


We chose this name to be our cereal because it sounds natural and calm like our product. if you eat our cereal then its obvious that you enjoy a nice calm morning with a cold bowl of cereal. the logo we chose because it is a soothing sunset with soothing colors to match our logo