Pierner's Points of Interest


The Daily Five

This year I am using a structure called “The Daily Five,” to teach literacy. The Daily Five structure consists of time each day spent Reading to Self, Reading to Someone, Listening to Reading, Working on Writing and Word Work. During this time each day, I teach 3 or 4 mini lessons and then work with small groups or individuals on reading, writing, and word work lessons.

Research shows that readers use a variety of strategies to read and understand text. A CAFÉ menu is posted in our classroom, which lists these reading strategies. CAFÉ is an acronym that stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding vocabulary. Students think of this like a restaurant menu, choosing strategies based on the need at the time, to help read and understand text.

Each student has reading goals specific to his/her individual needs and receives direct instruction on using strategies to achieve those goals. At our first parent-teacher conference, I will share your child’s goals. From time to time throughout the year I will also send home a, “Parent Pipeline,” which provides suggestions for assisting your child with a specific strategy at home. I look forward to meeting with you at our conference in a few weeks and look forward to discussing how together we can support your child’s reading achievement.

Kelly Pierner