The Prugh Crew

Week of April 22nd

Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

however, now, about, two, anyone, edge, purse, hurting, turtle, burned

Word Family: -ur (bossy r)

Grammar: inflected endings (-ing and -ed)


We will read "fractured" Texas fairy tales this week, and use these stories to make text to text connections with the original versions.


We will write our own "Texas version" of a favorite fairy tale.


Students will represent, compare, and order numbers to 120 using place value.

Science & Social Studies

We will be learning about our great state this week. We will identify the different landforms that are found around our state, learn about some important Texas heroes, and create a map of Texas.


**STAAR Closed Campus Days**

April 23rd & 24

NO visitors or volunteers on campus due to testing in 3rd, 4th & 5th.

Thursday, April 25 @ 6:30pm - PTA Meeting and Magician

Friday, May 3 - Mav Fan Jam (April) 8:15am

Fun Times at the Perot Museum

Moby Math & iStation

Moby Math Link - 30 minutes per week

username: first and last initial

password: bluefish

iStation - 30 minutes per week

You will need to download iStation to your home computer.