ActiveStudio Teacher Challenges

Level Three

Save annotations for later use

Select the floppy disk icon on the floating tools, to capture/save annotations as a FlipChart. Organize the flipcharts by date or topic to re-use, refer, re-teach when necessary.

Erase, Clear, or Trash Annotations

The small eraser is great for small mistakes. To clear all annotations quickly, use the spray bottle.

Other tips and tricks

- add a new page to the notebook

-click and drag the mouse to select all annotations and then either drag them to the trash or click the red X to delete them.

-UnDo is helpful to undo the last annotation.

Retrieve Annotations

Quickly retrieve your annotations from the File menu in ActiveInspire.

File>Open, or File>Open Recent.

Your annotations were saved as an ActiveInspire Flipchart. Save them by content area or date to easily access them later.