Activating Unified Persistent Prayer in Communities & Cities

CityPRAYS: New in 2017

SacramentoPRAYS was formed out of the diverse prayer group that came together from throughout the Sacramento region to support and pray for the 2012 Luis Palau Sacramento Festival. As part of the ACTS Group, the express purpose of forming SacramentoPRAYS was to strengthen and encourage more believers to pray in and for the communities and cities of the region. SacramentoPRAYS strategically transitioned into CityPRAYS in 2016 to further define its mission and expand its reach in alignment with the integrated gospel movement work of the ACTS Group. As 2017 began, activators and champions for this ministry have met to set a course for the deepening and broadening of work in the Sacramento region and other cities. You will read in this and coming issues about the strategic initiatives being applied and the activators and champions who lead the way. It is a new year and a new day for unified persistent prayer.

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Seek God for the City 2017

Join people around the region, nation and world as we Seek God for the City in 2017! Pray powerful prayers of biblical hope for the people of your community. This 64-page prayer guide makes it easy for you to pray rich, biblical prayers for spiritual awakening throughout your city. Dated to unite prayer during the 40 days to Palm Sunday, March 1 to April 9, 2017.

To order your copies of Seek God for the City, click HERE

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Strategic Initiatives Focus: Prayer Leaders Fellowship

Prayer Leaders Fellowship is the formation of a regular rhythm of prayer leaders of local churches, organizations and/or businesses meeting together for support, encouragement, inspiration and equipping. This happens monthly in the local setting and quarterly in a regional or metropolitan setting. Elements of the meeting include a meal, testimonials, best practices, encouragement, prayer and worship. To learn more about participating in or launching a Prayer Leaders Fellowship in your city or community, email us at

Making News in Heaven and on Earth

Fresno: A diverse group of over 50 churches in the Fresno/Clovis area began the year in a united 21 day fast that culminated in a large celebration on January 29 at Fresno Pacific University. Led by a band and choir representing the different churches, pastors took turns sharing testimonials of impact in their church and leading the large assembly in prayer. The evening ended with pastors on their knees being prayed for by the people. United prayer is growing in the region in anticipation of a CityFest evangelism weekend on April 1,2.