Concession Stand

At Basketball game

Come to our game

Come to our basketball game, Latexo against Lovelady it will be amazing. We will have a concession stand with all your favorite foods and drinks. So come and enjoy the game!

Graph's for Food and Drinks

Top 10 Food and Drinks

  • Funnel cakes $4.50

    Frito Pie$2.50

    Nachos $2.00

    Pizza $3.00

    Corn dogs $3.00

    Chicken tenders$2.00

    Beef Jerky $3.00

    Hot wings$2.00

    Cheese sticks $1.00

    Pickle pops.50

mt dew $2.00

dr pepper $2.00

coke $2.00


root beer $2.00

Come to our game it will be a thrill to see who wins!

The game starts at 6:00