Differentiation: Mix It Up!

Not simply a recipe for teaching.

How Do We Challenge and Meet the Learning Needs of Our Gifted/High Ability Students?

This is our 3rd Differentiated Instruction Newsletter for the year! While one of the main purposes of these newsletters is for teachers of our gifted/high ability learners, the information is for ALL STUDENTS! It may just need tweaked a bit (as it does even for our top performing/ability students :)) One of the keys to success for differentiating instruction for all learners (not just gifted and high ability :)) is to PRETEST before teaching each new concept, unit, chapter, skill, etc... Find out what your students already KNOW. Results then become your road MAP of: Tier Grouping, Projects, What to Eliminate, What to Add/Expand, What Technology, etc...

In this copy of our Differentiated Instruction Newsletter (D.I.N.), you will receive:

  • Samples, web links, and descriptions of THREE of the top differentiation strategies suggested by years of research. Just choose ONE and try it! If you would like me to come to you and assist/help in any way, let me know.

SAMPLES in PDF, Formats for you to use now!

Click the links below to see books and websites available for elementary and secondary teachers. (Filled with great ideas)
How to do the Socratic Method - TeachLikeThis
Curriculum compacting & contracts
Student Voice and Choice: At Their Own Pace
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