John F Kennedy- Vietnam War

By:Alex Holder

5 facts

President Kennedy was involved in the Vietnam war by continuing the domino theory (such as carrying on the decision of the last president). He continued it because he was a firm believer in containing communism and supporting South Vietnam. Many people tried to convince president Kennedy from continuing the war, but he chose to do so because he felt like the United States should be helping South Vietnam fight against the communist of North Vietnam. Kennedy ended up sending American Air force into South Vietnam to aid them. In 1961 Kennedy decided that he should increase the South Vietnamese army from 150,000 to 170,000. He also sent 1000 more American advisors over to South Vietnam.
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Vietnam at the end of Paris accords

The Paris accords was an agreement between North Vietnam (communists) and South Vietnam (democracy) and the United States (who was aiding the South) to bring the Vietnam war to an end. This was continued by the domino theory continued by the United States president Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson. Nixon & Johnson continued to use containment to help make the Paris accords happen.

This agreement also included Cambodia and Laos (the countries remaining beside North and South Vietnam). On may 1972, president Nixon made a concession to North Vietnam saying that the United States would accept a cease-fire in place as a military withdraw. North Vietnam accepted and it took place in the next months to follow.

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