All About Me

By Joy

Where I live

Hello! My name is Joy. I live in Coppell, Texas. Coppell is totally amazing. I used to live in Plano, and we had to drive for ten minutes just to get on the highway. But in our new neighborhood, drive for half the time and your racing down the highway, no exaggeration. I live close to a group of man made lakes, which is really quite nice because the bodies of water make the summer cooler and the winter warmer, provided that you just have enough mosquito spray to keep away the biting bugs. They're the worst!

Moving Like Crazy!

My family has a history of moving around the U.S. I was born in this little red house in Chicago with an apple tree growing in the front yard.I lived there for a few years, until we moved to a new neighborhood, where my brother was born. We then moved from Chicago to Austin, to Plano, and now Coppell. If I just counted out loud right now, I have lived in four cities, occupied six houses, gone to seven schools, and I had four different third grade teachers. My life was pretty busy.

Ice Skating

I grew up around figure skating. I have been skating for six years now. I used to be a figure skater, but now I'm an ice dancer. Figure skating is where you do all the jumps and spins on the ice by yourself. Ice dance is where you perform a series of dances like the tango and waltz on the ice. The steps are modified for skaters, and you can do them with or without a partner of the opposite gender..
Death Drop

Playing the Flute

Another of my hobbies is playing the flute. I have been playing for almost six months now, and I play in my middle school band. I really like playing it, although my tone isn't always as good as it should be. I still like it, though. I hope to be a professional flutist someday.
No, I am not a mouse.

My Crazy Cat Obsession

No, I'm not a Belieber, or a Directioner, although I really like One Direction, I DO NOT go insane over them like some people I know. My obsession is in cats. I absolutely love cats! They're smart, they're adorable, they're clean, and they're so funny when they do something and act like 'How did I get up here?' I just love them. My mom had two cats before, and she tells me stories about them all the time. However, I'm allergic to certain kinds of cat fur, so I can't get one right now. (Did you know that the allergic reactions from cat fur is actually a reaction to the calcium in the cat's saliva when it licks its fur to clean itself?) I hope I can get a cat someday, but until then, I just settle with increasing my toy cat collection.
P.S: Dear All Those Cat Owners Who Blame Their Cats For Killing Their Fish

Dear Cat Owners, don't blame your poor cat for eating your goldfish, It's like someone yelling at you for eating a burger on the table. They're just walking around and happen to find dinner swimming around in a bowl right in front of them. What can they do but eat it? So next time, blame yourself for owning a fish, not the cat.