Electrical Kitchen Chimney is Reachable at a low-priced Rate

With the revolutionization of technology, gone are the days when the old inefficient exhaust fans used in the kitchen.With the changing times the electric kitchen chimney has taken place of exhaust fans to blew off all the smoke and odor from your kitchen. Mostly Indian cooking involves deep frying with oil which emit a lot of unpleasant smoke and odor. But now the availability of good chimneys with high suction refreshes your senses.

Now modular kitchens uses modern kitchen appliances. These electrical kitchen chimneys throw out all the smoke, greasy residue, dirt, fumes, odor, heat , air borne grease, steam ,oil vapor and other particles by evacuation of air and brings clean pure air which relaxes your mind and also good for your lungs.

Chimneys is known by different names as fume extractor, Electrical Kitchen Chimney, cooker hood, cooking canopy, chimney, vent, ventilation hood, extractor hood, kitchen hoods, choolah chimney and many more…….Electric kitchen chimney tend to play a key role in the kitchen decor. The high end kitchen chimneys are modernized and well decorated with advanced designs of chimneys. It gives a classy look to the modern kitchens. It works on the model of sucking bad and irritating fumes by the use of filters.

Filters are of two types:-

1 Aluminium Filters

2 Baffle Filters

Aluminium filters is also known as mesh filters or aluminium cassette filters. It has 3-7 layers of aluminium. These multi layers filter contains small holes which retains the dust, oil, smoke and other particles in it so it needed to be cleaned timely.

Baffle filters are more suited to Indian kitchens and are known as improvised filters. They do not affect the suction capacity as it separates oil particles on the lower layer of it. These filters are more affective than aluminium filters and are also easy to clean.

The basic model of chimney starts from Rs.3500.There are many brands of electric kitchen chimneys available in Indian market. Some of these prestigious brands are Kaff , Ekko , Cata , Elica , Padmini , Sunflame , Glen , Faber , Inalsa , Kutchina , Elica , Prestige , Siemens , IFB and many more……

Kitchen becomes chic and trendy with the availability of different designs and sizes of chimneys. Different styles of chimneys are wall mounted, glass chimney, island chimney, hidden , split chimneys, insert, professional and many more designs.

Split chimneys are most liked for their special silence feature because its motor is placed outside the house so it is a non- disturbing chimney and most of the chimneys are coming in market with the low noise ventilating fans that removes the kitchen dirt and grime away by sucking all the smoke and fumes out with the help of suction motors. Thus the kitchen looks shiny and hygienic with the electrical kitchen chimney. The high suction capacity feature is good enough for the electrical kitchen chimney. However, the average suction capacity is 600 m3 /hr to 800 m3/hr and for deep frying the suction needed is 1000 m3/hr for a spacious kitchen.So the electrical kitchen has become the need of todays world.

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