The Cost of War

By: Abbi C

The Suffering of War

What if the only reason you were alive was because you followed all the ridiculous rules? Think you could handle it? How about with a deadly war going on and some rich country keeps poking their nose in and out of it when they need oil, but not helping at all. That place, is the Middle East, or, more particularly, Iraq and Afghanistan Children are dying while the officials sip classy drinks and give the order to pass some new unfair law when they're bored.

this is Wrong!!!

Why Do People Need to Know This?

You need to know about this because you’re probably a person, so hurting someone equal to you is criminal to you, hopefully, and this is happening as you read this in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is happening because of a few bad choices made many years ago by corrupt leaders. This has made me look at the world differently because the world is not a perfect place, it will never be as long as human beings are on this earth. I’ve always known that. But I never knew that it was this twisted and wicked. The more things I learn in Social Studies, the less I'm sure that the world is a wonderful place, what with all the pollution and murder and stupid rules and regulations, you'd think that we were trying to kill off ourselves. YOU have the power to stop all of this. Alone you have almost no power, but together with others, you're unstopable. Email president Obama, start a protest rally, organize a fundraiser, any of these things will help.