Digital Learning News

February 2016

What can the Digital Learning Coach do for me?

  • Attend Collaborative Team Meetings
  • Research digital lessons to enhance your curriculum
  • Support the use of digital tools within your classroom
  • Help students and staff with ncedcloud and powerschool
  • Co-teach digital lessons
  • Assist staff with creating lessons and assessments using Schoolnet

Collaborative Tools

Online Learning Tools for Curriculum and Instruction

  • Actively Learn - awesome instruction tool for reading across the curriculum.
  • EduCanon- embed questions into video
  • EdPuzzle- engage your students using video, check for understanding

Online Bulletin Boards:

  • Padlet - an online bulletin board. Easy to use. Use for collaborative discussions, gives all students a voice (refresh often to see new posts)
  • Stormboard - Online brainstorming and collaboration
  • Linoit - online stickies, can collaborate to create group bulletin board.
  • Scribbler - a real-time, multi-user online whiteboard which offers text chat and audio. Perfect tool to try when face to face isn't possible

Digital Math Tools

  • Number Navigator - A program that assists those with fine motor problems to set out columnar arithmetic, without the need for a spreadsheet
  • Big, Simple Talking Calculator - "The Big Simple Talking Calculator application was designed to be a full screen calculator with large buttons that covers the following basic functions: +, -, *, /, x^2, x^y, 1/x, %, square root, memory store and memory recall."
  • FunctionVisualizer - Online Function Visualizer - displays the graph of arbitrary F(x) function.
  • GraphCalc - Online Graphing Calculator
  • Create A Graph>
  • e-Tutor Graphic Calculator Graph equations
  • FooPlot - Online plotting tool
  • PDF Pad - Create and print graph paper
  • EfoFex - Higher Level Math - free for students with special needs
  • Math Sheet Calculator - iPad app which simulates a sheet of paper

More Cool Tools

  • HSTRY is a free digital learning tool which promotes collaboration and engagement in the classroom.
  • Newsela is a site that gives you searchable articles - also in Spanish.