Dual Credit

Jumpstart your college education while you’re in high school

2021 Lakeland College Courses

Explore a career path and earn both high school and college credits! Online Dual Credit courses are available to you at Lakeland College. Courses are delivered through live, online classes or class recordings posted on Lakeland's learning management system, D2L. If any of the courses listed are of interest to you, please download the application below and e-mail to dualcredit@lakelandcollege.ca.

NEW - American Sign Language I Part A

Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL), its culture, and the community of Deaf persons who use this language. Learn how to have basic conversations, as well as use appropriate behaviours with the Deaf culture.

  • Lakeland credit: ASL101 (3 credits)
  • PSI 3214 (5 credits)

NEW - Basic Energy Principles

A prerequisite course to all other courses in the Renewable Energy & Conservation certificate & diploma programs, this course provides students with an understanding of principles of energy systems including electricity, heat, energy movement and water flow.

  • Lakeland credit: RC200 (3 credits)
  • PSI 3220 (5 credits)

Environmental Sustainability

A requirement in 4 of Lakeland College’s Environmental Sciences majors, this course focuses on human interactions with the environment.
  • Lakeland credit: SC140 (3 credits)
  • PSI 3076 (5 credits)

NEW - Hairstyling (Safety, Personal and Professional Development & Facility and Equipment)

Complete two courses within Lakeland College's Apprenticeship and Industry Training's Hairstyling program. Safety, Personal and Professional Development provides an overview of the requirements of a safe working environment in which to practice hairstyling while the Facility and Equipment course provides an overview of the requirements, care and use of the equipment necessary for the hairstyling professional and the professional requirements in a salon.
  • Lakeland credits: ST130 & ST132 (2 credits)

Health, Nutrition and Safety

This is a required course in Early Learning & Child Care certificate and diploma programs at Lakeland College. It focuses on the health services foundation with exploration on nutrition and wellness.
  • Lakeland credit: HE158 (3 credits)
  • PSI 3074 (5 credits)

Introduction to Esthetics

This course will provide students with an overview of safe practices in the workplace regarding bacteriology and sanitation. Students will learn to formulate a professional image and practice skills needed to work with the public.
  • Lakeland credit: HS160 (3 credits)
  • PSI 3072 (3credits)

Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas

This non-credit course will explain what heavy oil is and ways heavy oil is produced as well as explore the steps involved in getting heavy oil and natural gas out of the ground and in to the marketplace.
  • Non-credit course at Lakeland College – students will receive a completion certificate
  • PRS1020, PRS2020 & PRS2030

Introduction to Soil Science

This course is part of the Crop Technology and General Agriculture programs at Lakeland College and will provide students with an overview of soil formation processes and fundamental characteristics of soil.

  • Lakeland credit: SO102 (3 credits)
  • PSI 3073 (5 credits)


Play is a course in the ELCC and CYC programs at Lakeland College. Students will explore the significance of play in the development of children.
  • Lakeland credit: ED120 (3 credits)
  • PSI 3075 (5 credits)