Astronaut Training

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To become a Astronaut

You have to pass NASA two year training program , you have to be able to swim , You have to be a U.S citizen or dual citizen, You have to be able to float in a simulator for 4 hours and you have to swim 3 pool leneghts while Waring all your space suit such as shoes {coat/pants] and helmet with a air tank.

How do they training

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What and how they train

Astronauts train on simulators to practice as real as possible. They learn how to lunch and land on simulators.They train in pools to learn how to do task without gravity. They train in a team so they can learn good team work and each others skills and how each other work and techniques.

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The first people and animals in space

  • A dog and a chimpanzee were sent into space before anything else because they wanted to see what would happen before they sent a human into space and a chimpanzee is the closest to a human. The first people in space

    • Yuri Gagarin first person in space- from europe

    • Alan B. Shepard, jr., was first americans to be in space these where the first people in space. The first two people on the moon where Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" they where the first people on the moon oder by ""John F. kennedy"" to put the first people on the moon.

Could You Handle Being An Astronaut?


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