Mrs. Green's PM Kinder---DECEMBER

We have been busy!

Notes from Mrs. Green

  1. Please continue to go on the Lexia Core 5 program to support reading and literacy. 15 minutes every night. If you have an ipad the App is a lot of fun for our students. Please visit my eboard for more sites to support reading and math readiness.
  2. This month is just flying by. Please be aware that we have some half-days coming up. December 10th 10-12:30 (PM Conferences) December 12th NO STUDENTS (AM conferences) December 15th 10-12:30 (Evening conferences) December 23rd 10-12:30 (Holiday Dismissal)
  3. If you have not done so, please sign up for a conference.
  4. All of our PM Kinder conferences will be held in the Reading Recovery office next to the Library.
  5. With the change in the weather, this is a perfect time of year to practice zippering, buttoning and tying. We have 23 students to zipper at the end of the day...Whew! We are guiding the children in the steps to zip their coats and then put on their mittens, etc.
  6. Our students are working hard on learning to read and write their sight words. As part of that learning, we use You Tube videos to help with the process. I have attached the link for the children to review these words at home. Have Fun Teaching also has songs for letters of the alphabet, shapes, numbers. It is a wonderful tutorial for you to use at home. It is a You Tube site so I suggest sitting with your child when they are viewing the videos. HAVE FUN!!!
  7. Our 17 sight words are: I, a, to, the, is, like, we, and, look, me, am, my, see, said, at, go, on. The children have learned: I, the, like, am-- so far.

Mrs. Green's Wonderful Writers

The Art of Storytelling

Mrs. Green told us about when she was little. We discussed how families sat around the table and told stories about things that had happened to them. After telling these stories over and over, we can remember details about the event. Mrs. Green told us about the "Bird in the Toilet" when she was younger. It was a funny but scary story. Mrs. Green's daughters still ask her to tell the "Bird in the Toilet" story when they all get together.

We practiced telling the same class story from our own perspective. Trying to remember the details while working with a partner. We chose the story of the fire drill because it was something we all experienced. We talked out the details with a partner and then shared in front of the class.

We then talked about planning out our stories page by page. We have to think about something that happened or something that we did and practice telling the story with a "storyteller voice". We are learning how to put more and more detail in our pictures and stories.

We are hearing more and more sounds in words and beginning to use our word wall in our everyday work.


We practiced making squares. We discussed why a square is not a triangle.

Did you know it takes 4 Kinder friends to make a square?
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My Movie 2

We LIKE Shapes but we really LOVE them!!!


We read the story Imogene's Antlers. It is about a little girl who wakes up one morning and she has huge antlers sticking out of her head. The family tries to help her hide her antlers and just when they thought all was lost, the antlers went away. ...Until...she woke up the next day with peacock feathers!!!!
My Movie 3

PE with Miss Cari

We have had an awesome few months working with Miss Cari for Group PT. During the month of November, we worked with Thanksgiving themed activities like stuffing the turkey, turkey freeze, feeding the turkey, etc. All activities help us learn to throw, catch, hop, improve our balance, and follow directions.
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