Panda PAWS 2.3

October 11-15, 2021

Important Events for the Week:

October 11:
  • No School for Staff & students

October 12:

October 13:

3:30 Staff Meeting & Monthly Row Boat Awards in Cafe

  • Row Boat Awards: Come to Dickson's office if you are giving an award
  • Wellness will speak for all Staff
  • The RTI Coaching Committee will update Teachers (PD credit will be given)

  • Well-deserved Wednesdays

October 14:
  • Jeans for ISF donations (see Ms. Jenkins w/questions)

October 15:
  • Staff Compliance Trainings due in Eduphoria
  • Big Truck Day
  • #EveryPandaEveryDay Prizes go home
  • Spirit Day for Staff & Students

Planning Ahead:

October 18: Picture Day for all students. Flyers going home next week.

October 18 School Board Meeting:

  • 7:00 pm: Pierce is being honored by Solution Tree State Representatives to celebrate our Model PLC status! Come join us! :) Or watch online at home. We are getting another cool banner, too!

Big Truck Day Schedule

Big picture
Big picture

Big Truck Day Reminders:

Everyone needs to park across the street on October 15 for the day.

Please be flexible as the number of trucks can change as the day progresses. This schedule is a good starting point.

Please see Marcela if you have any questions.

PK Newsletter from Mrs. McKee, Director of Early Childhood

Conscious Discipline Update

By using Brain Smart Starts, we help children experience internal safety and connection, which are key ingredients for a successful day of learning.
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Big picture

Library Update from Mrs. Popkin:

Library News: It's the 2nd 6 weeks, and students have done really well with checkout procedures. Thank you to teachers and I.A.s for both being present during this time to assist students. Please start directing students to other areas of the library to locate books. If you want, you can try a different shelf each visit and then let them choose where to find a book. Some students will need more guidance than others, but we want to expand the books that they can choose from.

New families: Let me know if you have a new student and would like to encourage the parent to checkout books. Ms. Luna and I will put a QR code for the form to apply for a parent library card in your box.

Calhoun's Comments

October is AAC Awareness Month!

Verbal referencing is a technique used to support learning communication.

Use picture communication symbols to say what you see!

Donna Calhoun, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist/ECS Interventionist Clifton (972) 600-4200 | Kinkeade (972) 600-6500 | Pierce (972) 600-3700 Virtual Office

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Ashley Boysen's AS Schedule for the Week:

Tuesday: Pierce

Wednesday: Clifton

Thursday: Kinkeade

Friday: Pierce/Clifton

Carey's CT Schedule for the Week:

Tuesday: Pierce x3722

Wednesday: Kinkeade x6540

Thursday: Clifton x4226

Friday: Pierce x3722

Irving Scholarship Foundation Fundraiser Update:

Our week of giving has been great! We are halfway to our goal! Let’s go Pandas!

Shout out to Stephanie Reeder! She was the highest donor for week 1. Mrs. Reeder was a recipient of a scholarship from Irving Scholarship Foundation when she was in high school. How awesome was that!

Shout out to POD E for being the first POD to all donate.

Ana DeLaPena

Maria Segovia

Stephanie Reeder

Jeanette Moreno

Rocio Beas

Bertha Hernandez

There is ONE week of giving left. We have many prizes remaining. Let’s meet our goal Panda’s!

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Shout Outs!

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to Carey! I really appreciate your help in getting everyone updated on their ViewBoard to prepare for training. Thank you for always being so willing to help when I have questions!

Shout out to Ms. Pence, Ms. Molina, Ms. Dixon, and Ms. Hall for helping with a special lesson that I did with their classes. I really appreciate your support!

From Sandra Hall:

Shout out to the entire Pierce and SICA Staff!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with all of you! You are all amazing in many different ways! Thank you so much for your friendship and your support!

From Lourdes Fierro:

Shout out to my PreK3 team!!!

Li the tech formula expert! You're awesome girl!

Eva love your presentations (which we're stealing when it's our turn). They're very entertaining! 😉

Rocio and Ana the HILARIOUS stories in our ice breaker activity still has my stomach hurting from laughing so hard!

Mrs. Bucheli for loving our students so much!

Mrs. Arista gracias por siempre compartir comiditas.

Mrs. Aguilar por estar pendiente con nuestros alumnos.

I'm truly blessed to work with each and every one of you!!

From Carey Watkins:

Shout out to Ms. Popkin for being a tech genius with the Whiteboard!

From Stella Luna:

A Shout out to Ms. Hall thank you the donuts and you company.

From Jeanette Martinez:

Thank you so much to Mr.Tony and Ms. Parish and Ms.Rico for helping me when Mrs. Reeder was out . I really appreciate it.

From Jennifer Dickson:

Thank you for all the work each and every one of you do each day. You are making a difference, even when you don't feel like it!

Thank you for the honest discussions and conversations you are having in your Collaborative Teams, and among each other. This is how we grow and learn.

For all of you who are struggling with family health issues of any kind outside of school, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We just don't know what is happening in the lives of those around us sometimes, but everyone puts on a brave face and come to school! Let's continue to extend grace, kindness and patience to our colleagues and our families. This is still such a tough time for many of us.

Have a great THREE DAY WEEKEND! :)

From Sylvia Cortes:

Shout out to Karen, thank you so much for the bagels they were delicious. Shout out to Ms. Hall for the donuts, thank you so much, and thank you Luna for the strawberries and cream, thank you for breakfast and snack on Thursday. Thank you everything was so, so good!

Shout out to Zandy for Friday breakfast, it hit the spot, thank you. 😊


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