Telisvions advertisment

What: in 1950 the amount of money spent on ads were around 170 million dollars, by 1960 the amount of money spent on ads were 2 billion dollars.

Time period: 1960's

Location: all crossed the U.S

Cause: Most of Americans had a TV by 1960 so getting ads to the costumers was easier than every before.

Reason: New franchises needed a way to get there name out and TV ads were the fastest way to do it.

Result: all types of new franchises became well known names because of TV ads.

Significance: With the spread of ads came the spread of businesses.

To whom: this rapid spread effected everyone, the costumers will know what they can and need to buy, the owners will have great profit and the workers will be able to get new jobs that were made with the spread of businesses.


What: many companies that we're able to turn into a franchise and spread all over.

Time period:1960

Where: all a crossed the U.S

Cause: companies wanted a way to spread there product.

Reason: there are a lot of advantages to have your company as a franchise.

Result: almost any company that could franchise did.

Significance: With companies franchising the demand for workers goes up, the fore more jobs will be created.

To whom: The working class was ones who got helped the most by companies franchising.