Mark Twain

by Courtney Derby


  • born November 30 1835
  • Florida, Missouri
  • parents John and Jane Clemens
  • Mark Twains real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Early childhood

  • 4 years after he was born he moved to Hannibal, Missouri
  • his dad died 1847
  • as a child he wanted to be a steamboat pilot
  • at age 16 he worked as a printer


  • in 1857 he began working as a cub pilot on Mississippi river steamboats
  • he got his steamboat pilot license in 1859
  • the next two years he worked as a steamboat pilot
  • because of the American civil war put a stop to travel on the river


  • his 1st job was being a apprentice with Joseph Ament a publisher
  • he worked as a cut steamboat pilot
  • then volunteered in the confederate cavalry for a short amount of time.
  • then went to mine silver with his brother


  • his mom was Jane Clemens
  • his dad was john Clemens
  • his kids are Susy, Jean,Clara and his only son Langdon
  • wife is Olivia
  • and his siblings Margaret Benjamin and Henry


  • pining bugs
  • writing story's
  • playing Hooke
  • reading Susy's beogathy about him


  • his grand daughter is Nina
  • his son in law is Ossip
  • he died April 21 1910
  • his daughter Susy wrote a beogathy about him