Managing Student Email Lists

In both Office365 & Google Drive

1. Copy and SHARE the Google Form

Student Email List - Google Form to be copied into your Drive account

  1. Click on Edit This Form button
  2. Go to FILE MENU > Make a Copy
  3. Copy and name the file for each class you are managing (1st block, 2nd block, etc.)
  4. Share link online (teacher webpage or for students to fill out.

2. Dump all student data into a Google Doc

1st Block - paste all email addresses

2nd Block - paste all email addresses


3. Refer to Google Doc for all class emails

Each time you need to email a specific class, just copy and paste each mailing list off of your Google Doc and into the TO: line of your email.


If class content can be dumped into shared folders as opposed to sending continuous emails to students then by all means K.I.S.S. (Keep it Short & Simple)