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Week of June 1, 2015

Principal's Message

This is it. There are only six days left of the 2014-2015 school year! I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how very proud I am of the work you all have accomplished this year. No, it hasn't been easy. But teaching and shaping our future never is. There is no other profession that I know that has the ability to have a fresh new start each school year. Take time this summer to reflect on everything that worked well with your students and everything that you want to improve on. No, I am not saying you should spend your entire summer working and planning for next year. I am saying however, that it is important to take some time to make explicit plans that will help you become an even better educator. Take a class that you or your students may benefit from. Read a professional book. Watch a webinar. Follow a teacher website on Facebook. What ever you decide to do, do it so that next year you can begin stronger than ever! Oh, and definitely take time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate! Enjoy your well deserved time off!

  • We did it! We finished Strong!
  • Student Information Sheet

    Please help next year's teacher by filling out the student information sheet that will be emailed to you. This will help next year's teacher to know the student right away and begin working with each student immediately. This form is due this Monday June 2nd to Ms. Szarzynski.

    End of Year Checkout List

    The end of year checkout list will be placed in your box this week. Please take care of these items during your planning period or afterschool. Do not use class time to complete these items to ensure we are maximizing our last few days with our students. PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE ALL SUPPLIES AND RESOURCES PURCHASED WITH SCHOOL OR DISTRICT FUNDS IN YOUR ROOM DURING THE SUMMER! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHECK OUT BOOKS OR RESOURCES FOR THE SUMMER CHECK THEM OUT WITH MS. SZARZYNSKI.

    Summer Packets/School Supplies List

    Turn summer packets and school supplies lists to Ms. Vazquez this Monday if you haven't already done it, so that we can begin getting copies ready for you to send home with our students.

    End of Year Awards

    It is that time of the year when we celebrate our students' success.

    June 2nd has been designated for grade level specific awards. This is an opportunity for all students to be recognized in front of their parents and their peers. This is also the time to award the citizenship award. If you haven't already started working on this please do so as soon as possible. You can request specific certificates for each student from Ms. Diaz. 3rd-5th grade teachers this is also the time that you can recognized all of your STAAR advanced level performers. Ms. Vazquez emailed everyone the scheduled times.

    June 3rd however has been set aside for our school wide awards. This is the day that perfect attendance for the entire year is given, the principal's award and the most improved award is recognized. Only the parents of students receiving one of these three awards are invited due to space limitations. Teachers please give Ms. Diaz the name of your most improved student and be prepared to say something during the school wide awards about why this student deserves this award. Ms. Diaz also needs the name of your principal's award recipient. This is a very prestigious award that should be given to a student that demonstrates great attendance, great citizenship and is hardworking; a well rounded student in other words.

    Real School Garden Training

    This Saturday June 6 is scheduled as a teacher work day. However, we will be using most of the day to receive our required Real School Garden training. The training is scheduled to begin at 8:00 and end at 2:30. If you are not returning to Sudie Williams next year, you are not required to attend the training. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.

    Quote of the Week:

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    June 2

    Grade Level Awards check email for times

    End of Year PLC @ 3:15(date change)

    June 3

    School Wide Awards@ 1:00

    June 5

    Last Day of School for Students

    June 6

    Last Day for Staff!

    Real School Garden Training.


    June 9-22

    SSI summer school

    August 13

    First Day Back for all staff!

    August 24

    First Day Back for all Students

    Picnic Day

    June 5th is our school wide Picnic Day. Our Picnic times will be from 1:00-2:30. Parents are welcome to attend. All copies of letters should have been given to Ms. Vazquez so that when parents call we are able to inform them what each grade level is requesting.

    Penalty Free Date

    Per Texas Education Code, educators serving under probationary, term, or continuing contracts may resign, without penalty, no later than the 45th day before of the first day of instruction for the following school year. The penalty-free resignation date for this year is July 10, 2015. Contract employees who are working during Summer School must still adhere to the July 10 deadline but will make their separation date effective July 30, 2015.