Real life applications

how comp. tech skills are used outside of this class.

Other classes

This last week I found myself making a Prezi for my biology presentation. Before this class I had no clue what that was but now I can use Prezi, voicethred, smore and infog.ram for my other class presentations.


Many jobs now are computer based and mainly done while sitting at a computer desk. I now know how to manage files and create documents and any other computer skills I may need for jobs as more and more become technology and computer based.

everyday activities

I really didn't even understand how to send an email before this class if it wasn't a social thing I didn't know how to do it. I pretty much had to figure it out during this class and became a lot more computer friendly which is a necessary thing in todays world and it is becoming more and more important as everything becomes more computer based for class assignment and anything else we need to do.
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