Eastern Australia Temperate forest

by Travis, Poom , Josh, Daniel, Bailley

Location and description

This ecoregion covers an area between Australia's east coast and the Great Dividing Range from just south of Sydney up to central Queensland, and includes the Blue Mountains and the Border Ranges to the west and north of Sydney. These are areas of eucalyptus forest on sandstone plateau, with smaller sections of cliffs, steep gorges with rainforest vegetation and sandy heath on the coasts. The climate is warm temperate. Lowland areas have maximum 28 degrees C in summer, minimum 3 degrees in winter. Area 222,100 km2 (85,800 sq. mi)


  • Koala…40,000-100,000
  • Squirrel guider…
  • Kookaburra …800,000
  • Swift parrot…1,000
  • Lyrebird…
  • Eastern bristlebird…
  • Echidna…
  • Red eyed tree frog…
  • Tusked frog…
  • Mastiff bat
  • Wallaby
  • Yellow-tailed black-cockatoo



• Eucalyptus trees

• Tallowwood

• Blackbutt

• Flooded Gum

• Gympie messmate


Food Chain


Insects eat plants => rodents eat insects => snakes eat rodents => birds of prey eat snakes. Herbivorous animals such as antelopes eat leaves and other plant parts => tigers eat antelopes.Rats and mice eat fruit => Owls eat rats and mice.Wombat eats roots and leaves => A dingo would kill a wombat. fox-> rodent/ birds,possum->insects,Owl->rodent/smaller birds.





Tree Kangaroo


Blue Tongue Lizard

Green Tree Frog

Tiger Quoll




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Introduced Pests

Introduced Pests

Feral Deer

Feral Goat

Feral Horse

Feral Pigs

Feral Water Buffalo

Cane Toads

European wild Rabbit

European Red Fox

Feral Animals On Offshore Islands

Feral Cat

Human Impacts

Air pollution

Although it is hard to prove that air pollution kills trees outright, scientists know that the pollution does weaken trees health.


Trees are cut down to provide lumber and products we use every day. Trees are replanted, but environmentalists say not all the species are replanted.


Trees are being cut down for human needs like farms, homes, resorts, ski slopes, stores and a lot of other commercial and recreational areas.

Illegal Harvest of Plants and Animals

This is when one takes a plant or animal out of the forest that is protected by law. Black bear paws, gallbladders, and other body parts are illegally sold to Asian clients to be made into folk medicine.


Mining involves clearing forests to get to the resources underground. Many acres of forests could be damaged because trees cannot re-grow when the soil is stripped.

Off-road vehicles

Off-road vehicles are a threat to plants and animals in the temperate forests, especially when ridden off of the trails. These vehicles rip up plants and crush animal burrows.

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