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Career Deails

Marine biologists study different life forms living in the ocean and analyze different plants, fish, marine mammals, organisms and ocean ecosystems.


Biologist usually have at least a masters or doctorate degree. This field is very research-intensive and a bachelor's degree is not enough to meet the requirements. Education programs prepare the students to work in laboratories or in the actual field to collect marine samples. They learn physical, chemical, and biological processes of different marine plants and animals. You will need.

* High school diploma or GED

* Strong background in math, natural and physical sciences

*Bachlor's degree in biological sciences

*Take the GRE

*Pass the TOEFL in English not their first languages

*Take advanced biology test (recommended in some schools)

Top colleges for marine biology

*Harvard University

*Cornell University

*Duke University

*University of Miami

*University of Texas at Austin

*Boston University

*University of California Berkley

*University of California Santa Barbara

*University of Washington

Skills Required

There are a lot of skill that are required. Such as applying information, attention to details, calculating, checking for accuracy, team management, and so many others.

Job Outlook

Jobs are based on tests and expierement. Mostly require them to solve a variety of problems maintaing to the life forms in the marine ecosystem. Such as

*Role of the ocean and how it affects climate change

*The different types of pharmaceuticals found in marine organisms

*Effects of sea floors spreading to different tectonic plates

*Economic deposits on the sea floor

*Role of long shore transport and the distribution of sand on the beach

*Prediction of rogue waves

*How different pollutants in the enviornment affect the organisims